Our thoughts on food...

When we set out to build this menu, we made a list of what we thought were essential...

1.  make flour tortillas fresh in-house (we have great corn tortillas too - we just don't make them in-house)

2.  use quality, fresh ingredients (we know that you can tell the difference)

3.  keep it simple (we get the flavors we want with as little frills as possible - its just not needed)

4.  have the ability to be made in a timely fashion - we make the tacos to order, but need to be able to make them efficiently to keep up

We don't claim to be authentic Mexican and we aren't trying to be edgy.  We simply want to offer great flavors, truly fresh product, awesome tortillas and do one thing right...tacos. 

That's right...we DELIVER TACOS!

First, our delivery zone has become the topic of many emails and social media conversations, so we wanted to share our delivery area and offer our thoughts on delivery.

Our plan is simple...we want to deliver in-store quality tacos quickly and consistently.  The only way to do so is to limit the delivery area based on drive time and not distance - traffic, lights, and intersection congestion greatly impact delivery times.  This means that there are areas that may be really close but actually take longer to get to than you might expect due to the various traffic factors.   Our first priority is to deliver to as much of FSU's campus as possible and to do so, we needed to make adjustments. 

We are going to do everything possible to ensure the integrity and quality of our food remains even in delivery.  Now, we know that many of you would be more than happy to accept a subpar version of our tacos delivered at 2 a.m. after the bar, but we are just not willing to compromise on this.  

We understand that our reasoning does nothing for those of you outside of the zone wanting tacos and that some might not agree with us (especially those just outside the zone who don't understand why we just can't go a little farther down the road).  There will always be a house next door or a complex across the street.  We have to cut off somewhere and we are sorry if that leaves you out.  We are hopeful that you will understand where we are coming from and that a lot of consideration went into this decision.  

On the brighter side, it is nice to hear that people are becoming so passionate about our tacos that not being able to get delivery has them so fired up.  



Tacospeak Hours
Sunday - Thursday 8am - 12am    Friday - Saturday 8am - 3am

1525 W Tennessee Street
Tallahassee, FL 32304